Circle Joy automatic wine opener
Youpin Circle Joy CJ - EKPQ02 USB Charging Automatic Electric Wine Opener Kitchen Wine Bottle Opener
Product description


[ Fully Automatic Intelligent Control ] : Ultra-sensitive pressure-sensitive design that eliminates the need for buttons. Lightly press the bottle opener, it will automatically open the bottle, automatically retreat, very easy and fast 

[ Fast Speed Opening ] : Uses a 16,000 rpm high-speed precision silent motor with strong torque and can be easily opened in just a few seconds. 

[ Battery Indicator Light ] : Exquisite power indicator light, you can control the use of the energy tank at any time, and charge in time. Open the bottle, retract the tips, you can make the operation clear 

[ Mysterious Reset Button ] : Uses a hidden reset button to activate the chip through the human body. It only needs to hold the bottle opener, and the fingertip can touch the top cover for 5 seconds to realize the motor reverse reset, which easily solves the fault caused by the operation error.

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